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Non-Invasive Face and Skin Regeneration
Your Challenge becomes Our Challenge
Chronic exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, ageing, malnutrition, polluted environment, stress and other factors are responsible for the ageing of the skin. Characteristics of ageing are subtle wrinkles, color damage, atrophy, roughness and looseness, loss of vitality and skin complexion.

When personal care is not enough, we can help..
When the personal care up to now is not enough, Laser Beauty Clinics have the most reliable solution for fighting age symptoms. Even the first visit will show a renewed, healthy & velvety skin complexion.

At Laser Beauty Clinics isolated or combined treatments are suggested with non-invasive face renewal techniques.

Indicative Treatments/Ways We Can Help You:

 Face Regenerating

 Wrinkle Disappearance

 Elimination of Discolouration

 Leg veins



 Wrinkle Fillings


The modern technology of Laser Beauty Clinics is capable to give any age the radiant look it deserves.
Introducing the Dermodynamic Treatment:
A tri-active radical action for a radiant face and skin
Dermodynamic is a unique treatment worldwide. Its tri-active radical action which combines laser-massage-cryotherapy gives a glowing beauty to your skin.
With only a few gentle Tri-Active strokes the cellular surface of the skin is stimulated thus enhancing its appearance and texture.
No need for Cosmetic Surgery:
The New, SYNCHRO HP system
The Nd:YAG Laser of SYNCHRO HP system is an innovative method for those who want to avoid cosmetic surgery. The deep heat action produced by Nd:YAG Laser causes a transformation of the skin collagen and the activation of the stroma improving, tightening of the tissue and texture of your skin.

Photo Rejuvenation:
For those skin spots that don’t go away...
Photo rejuvenation of the skin is also amazing for surface skin spots which come from ageing and the sun. Results: a younger, smoother, radiant skin.

The anti-esthetic problem of capillary vessels and it’s effective solution
The absorption of Nd:YAG Laser 1064nm by the hemoglobin of the blood allows the treatment of vascular diseases of the face and legs. After only a few sessions, you will be ready to solve your anti-esthetic problem of capillary vessels.
Facial Treatments

Skin Consultation
At Laser Beauty Clinics we strongly believe in doing things right. That is why we offer a free skin consultation to discuss your requirements and your skin’s needs, so that together we may select the most appropriate treatment program balancing your concerns, time and money. Skin Consultation is free

Deep Cleansing Tailored Facials - Our Most popular facials
Regular deep pore cleansing is essential to keep skin clear and fresh, your skin will breathe and feel healthy. Choose from our tailor made deep cleansing facials to suit your individual skin’s needs. 

Deep Cleanse Deluxe
A deeply cleansing and luxurious treatment, incorporating the traditional method of steam to help flush out impurities, increase circulation and decongest clogged pores. The treatment combines manual extraction with specific treatment products personalised for the clients needs to leave the skin looking and feeling cleaner, brighter, with improved skin texture.
Recommended for all skin types, especially those that are exposed to environmental stress or are prone to breakouts.

Enzymatic Deep Cleanse Deluxe
Receive all the benefits of our most popular Deep Cleanse Deluxe facial but with an enhancing powerful addition of an enzyme peeling blend. This enzymatic peel is a deeply purifying blend of 8 active ingredients selected for potency and gentle mechanism of action that digests dead skin cells and prepares the skin manual extraction. Especially suitable for deeply congested skins, the enzymes penetrate the skin’s pores under the mist of steam, preparing and softening blocked pores for gentle removal of impurities. This facial ensures that skin is left looking radiant, renewed and refreshed.
Recommended for all skin types especially heavily congested skins.
Cleansing Facial Prices  x1 x6
Cleanse Facial 75’

Deep Cleanse Deluxe 90’

Enzymatic Deep Cleanse 90’

Medik8 Titanium skin needling

Advance medical peels by Medik8








Prowaveice (Wrinkle reduction, tightening)
Medical RF technology for Body and face.
Prowaveice is the latest med-aesthetic and cosmetic application Radio Frequency treatment anti-cellulite, body contouring, tightening and lifting.

Using advanced non-invasive, pain-free proven technology, Prowaveice RF targets the problematic areas deep in the body’s adipose tissues. By safely warming these body tissues; Prowaveice RF causes immediate tightening of collagen and induces new collagen production. Increase in local blood circulation, promotes fibrous tissue breakdown, drainage of fatty deposits through the lymphatic system and disintegration of fat/cellulite cells. Adipose tissues “mobilize” or release stored fat to make it available as energy for metabolic activities by a physiological mechanism called lipolysis.

Radio Frequency is the most powerful of all beauty technologies, and penetrates the deepest. The results of Prowaveice last up to 2 years.

Prowave Ice RF has fantastic results for:
Lifting - Anti Cellulite - Body Contouring

Treatment Areas: Face, Stomach, Buttocks, Front Thighs, Back Thighs.
x1 x4 x8 x12
One Area

Two Areas




So making real change in the way you look can be as easy as picking up the phone.

Call us this week for an appointment for free advice-no purchase is necessary.

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