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Slim Down & Melt Away Fat With Confidence, From The First Visit

Get Slim-Melting local fat-the smart way!
At Laser Beauty Clinics, an innovative non-surgical procedure system ProSlimelt serves to slim and melt local fat fast. It is the most recent medical ultrasound technology-efficient, instant and safe. ProSlimelt works with low frequency ultrasounds that act on the subcutaneous adipose tissue where the fat cells are located.

Lose easily up to 5 cm from your waistline from the first visit.
ProSlimelt at Laser Beauty Clinic offers immediate and measurable results: from the first visit and every treatment you can lose up to 5 cm from your waistline. It is totally pain-free and the patient feels comfortable during and after the treatment. An added benefit is that the patient can carry on with her daily duties as usual.

Significant Fat Elimination-Naturally!
Our body has a number of fat cells. When somebody puts on weight, it doesn’t mean their fat cells are multiplying. It means the same fat cells enlarge. ProSlimelt technology works with low frequency ultrasonic waves leading to the mechanical breaking of cellular membranes, in a healthy way, without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. Clinical studies have proven, that the fat is eliminated through a natural process.

Local Fat Problem? We've got the Solution.
Experience Immediate results Fast & Easy!
Local fat problem-No problem. ProSlimelt can be applied wherever there is a local fat problem: On the belly, the waist line, the arms, in and out of the thighs and on the knees. Patients experience immediate results from the first visit. The period between visits is about three weeks, in the meantime its effect will continue for more fat reduction.

ProSlimelt Can be combined with Proellixe -Reflexology
ProSlimelt Treatment can be combined with the revolutionary method of fighting obesity ‘Proellixe’ which is based on the mechanical stimulation of vibrations and reflexology. The Proellixe appliance offers the most advanced workout & body weight loss which also has a positive influence throughout the musculoskeletal system. It stimulates the pituitary gland and activates hormonal production, improving the circulatory and lymphoid system progressively and speeds up the metabolism.

Proslimelt (Fat reduction)
Revolutionary Slimming. Sim down and melt away fat with confidence.
New revolutionary non-invasive treatment technology, a low-frequency Ultrasound soft-tissue mobilization machine that targets the sub-cutaneus fat layer in localized zones, with clinically proven effectiveness, ideal for any person any size. 
The effortless way to reshaping, slimming and restructuring....And it shows.
It provides immediate measurable results of at least 2cm to 5cm perimetric reduction each session.  No down time.  Finally fat is eliminated through a natural physiological process.

We advise a course of six treatments depending on results desired every twenty one days:

Typical Treatment Areas: Stomach, Buttocks, Front Thighs, Back Thighs, Arms
Proslimelt 45 minutes x1 x2 x4 x6
One Area

Two Areas





Proellixe (Whole body vibration machine)
Various programmes are available eg.  Soft wellness, Slimming, Cellulite, Total Tonic etc. Ten minutes on the Proellixe exercise machine are equivalent to two hours of running, two hours of tennis, one hour at the gym using the exercise machines or two hours of squash.

x1 x6 x12 x18
Proellixe 10 minutes €10 €50 €90 €125

Futura Pro – Electro-Stimulation
FuturaPro is a multifunctional electro-stimulation therapy; electrical currents selected for their optimal effect produce a gentle and pleasant contraction of the muscles. Activates lipid metabolism, circulation and the flow of lymph, regenerates the skin while firming and toning the muscles and connective tissue. It is sutable for face and body.

Body Slimming: Activate fat reduction (lipolysis), to increase muscle volume and to encourage weight reduction.

Body Toning: Strengthens and firm the musculature and tissue. The complete area of muscle from the deeper laying areas to the surface is intensively stimulated and strengthened.

Body Cellulite: Stimulates the micro-circulation and activates the cell metabolism. The skin appearance is visibly improved. Fatty cushions rapidly reduce in size.

Lymph Drainage: Remove lymph and any collections of excess water in the connecting tissue.

x1 x6 x12
Futura Pro

Cerri (Pressotherapi)
30 minutes

30 minutes



Reshape your body Today. Lose fat the smart way.
Lose 2 to 5 cm from waistline in just one visit!
Call us at  22 59 32 00 and Visit us today for a free consultation-no purchase is necessary.
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